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Elevating Print Communication
Print builds a close relationship with its readers that digital media can’t replicate. It has a feeling of substance; it stimulates the senses and demands the full attention of the reader. Print allows a marketer to gain access to people’s homes and lives to deliver...

Leveraging Multi-Channel Deployment
Direct mail, email, websites, social media and text messaging are all fundamental elements to an integrated marketing program. A coordinated multi-channel program incorporates data and content to create a unification of channels to communicate...

Creating Measurable Results
As deployment of multi-channel marketing campaigns increases, so does the complexity of data collection and the resources required for monitoring. Understanding your campaign’s results in real-time will introduce dynamic power...

2013 Best Workplace in America

Elk Grove graphics is the only Company in America that has received this award fourteen consecutive years.

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New Postage Rates

New postage rates go into effect January 26, 2014. To keep up with the latest changes, please download our updated reference guide.

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Our Color Management System

The American Dental Association selected Elk Grove Graphics to develop and execute their color managment program.

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